Engagement, Equality and Inclusion

NHS Bolton CCG works very closely with patients and communities, other NHS providers, the council, local charities, and voluntary groups to ensure the right health services are available in our town.

We aim to include local people at the heart of everything we do and we love to listen, understand, and act on, what really matters to local people. We value your input and want to include you as active partners in decisions about your health and NHS services.

We're always looking for people to get involved in shaping health services but how involved you are is entirely up to you - we offer lots of different ways for you to share your views, from online surveys to face-to-face events. We want to give Bolton people more influence and control over the decisions we make. This means working hard to reach those who wouldn’t usually get involved, as well as any groups who may find it harder to get their voice heard.

If you want to find out more about what we are doing visit the current engagement and consultations section and also the equality and inclusion section, please look at the options on the right hand side of this page.

How we engage - our principles

NHS Bolton CCG is responsive to the needs and wishes of the public, all of whom may use its services at some point in their lives. We ensure that public, patient and carer voices are at the centre of our healthcare services, from planning to delivery.

These are our Engagement principles

  • We listen - we listen to people and hear what is being said.
  • We collaborate - we use the strengths and recognise talents of those around the table.
  • We communicate - we respect and encourage the different views and beliefs, to ensure that all voices can be heard.
  • We recognise and respond - we recognise contribution and respond fairly.
  • We don’t do jargon - we use plain English when we engage to support people in understanding us and our work better – we adapt ourselves to support the public, regardless of their communicating capability.
  • We are accessible and equal - every relationship we create with people will be conducted equally and we will provide access for all in our engagements.
  • We adapt and learn - We use the knowledge of our partners and share in our learning, to better inform the work we commission or undertake.

To ensure our team and some of our partners were up to date on engagement and consultation principles, we organised a series of training sessions with the Consultation Institute during 2019. These face-to-face sessions and webinars supported our staff and partners to understand statutory and non-statutory guidance on public involvement, including the Gunning Principles.

Ways to get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved…

  • Come to a CCG board meeting
    Our board meetings are held each month in public and members of the public who attend are able to ask questions at the start of the meeting.
  • Join the Equality Target Action Group (ETAG).
    ETAG helps the CCG to consult with different community groups in Bolton about equality and inclusion in health services.
  • Join the Lived Experience Panel

    We are an active partner on the Lived Experience Panel which advises our health and care partners on redesigning services, using lived experience. Training and support is available and we cover travel expenses for panel members to attend meetings. For more information contact Joanne Street on 01204 463044 on or Joanne.street@boltonft.nhs.uk

  • Current engagement activity
    Find out about our current engagement and consultations and have your say.
  • Follow us on Twitter
    Look for our corporate CCG account @BoltonCCG.
  • Follow us on Facebook
    Look for NHS Bolton CCG.
  • Share your story
    We are always keen to hear about your experiences of using health services in Bolton. Have you got something to share?
  • Invite the CCG to speak to your group or organisation
    We regularly speak to local community groups and organisations about any campaigns we are running to make sure people know how they can get involved and help their local NHS. Please get in touch if you would like the CCG to come along to your meeting or event.

Communications and engagement strategy

Bolton CCG is absolutely committed to ensuring the views of our patients and public are routinely influencing important discussions and decisions around the commissioning of local services. Alongside this we’re embarking on a journey of exciting change to radically improve the health and wellbeing of people in Bolton. This will require strong partnerships and a collective way of working like never before. We are keen to make sure that we involve and engage local people, staff and stakeholders in the development of our plans.

A strong partnership between Bolton Council, Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group, and Bolton Foundation Trust with other providers and the voluntary sector will enable us through integration to join up our planning and delivery of services. We want to support the ever increasing numbers of people who need both the NHS, social care and voluntary and community sector services, and harness the support of other services which help people thrive in their communities like housing, education and employment.

As a result of this partnership the CCG is developing a new Communications and Engagement Strategy to shape and support not only the core business of the CCG but this new integrated way of working between health and care.  We will be working alongside key partners, stakeholders and patients/public to co-produce a Strategy that everybody can play a part in.

Watch this space for more information and if you are keen to get involved in our developing plans then please get in touch by emailing BOLCCG.Communications@nhs.net 

Let’s Make It – currently under construction as we make improvements.

In 2015, the CCG launched a new and exciting way of engaging with the people of Bolton called Let’s Make It. The idea behind Let’s Make It is to have a more informal conversation with local people so we can find out all about their experiences of using NHS services and help us make things better.

If you're also looking for information about public consultations and engagement activities, you can find further details here.

Engagement Alliance

NHS Bolton CCG, Healthwatch Bolton and Bolton CVS form the Engagement Alliance. The alliance works to ensure public engagement around activities within the Bolton Plan. The Engagement Alliance oversees engagement activity and produces reports that describe what was planned, how people were engaged with, what was done and  the final outcomes.

Recent projects include:

To read more Engagement Alliance reports click here.

NHS Employers – Diversity and Inclusion Partners Programme

NHS Bolton CCG has also been one of the prestigious NHS Employers Diversity and Inclusion Partners, since 2018.

We work with NHS Employers and other partners to pioneer and champion new and existing diversity and inclusion initiatives, helping us to further embed diversity and inclusion into our culture and structure. We were awarded partner status after demonstrating that we were delivering against six measurable criteria: improving patient access and experience; empowered, engaged and well-supported staff; inclusive leadership at all levels; better health outcomes for all; demonstration of commitment to the partners programme; and benefits that the organisation will receive from taking part. 

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