NHS Assurance Framework

NHS England has a responsibility to ensure that clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), as statutory organisations, deliver the best possible health services for patients within the amount of money given to us by the Government. 

The CCG Assurance Framework was put in place by NHS England to give assurance that CCGs are delivering quality care for patients, both locally and in the context of national standards.  It is also the basis for assessing whether CCGs are continuously improving, so looks at both an organisation's performance and its health.

The CCG assurance framework for 2015/16 sets out five components that reflect the key elements of a well led effective clinical commissioner and underpin assurance discussions between CCGs and NHS England, whilst identifying ongoing ambitions for CCG development.  The components include being well led, performance, financial management, planning, and delegated functions.

For more information on CCG assurance, visit the NHS England website.

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