Primary Care Rebate Schemes

Primary Care Rebate Schemes (PCRS) are contractual arrangements offered by pharmaceutical companies, or third party companies, which offer retrospective financial rebates to the clinical commissioning group (CCG) on GP prescribing expenditure for particular branded medicine(s). The availability of a scheme does not influence the inclusion of specific medicines in care pathways or formularies.

As of July 2021, Bolton CCG has signed up for the following PCRS:

  • Clenil (Chiesi)
  • Apidra (Sanofi)
  • Firmagon (Ferring)
  • Glucophage (Merck)
  • Insuman (Sanofi)
  • Lantus (Sanofi)
  • Toujeo (Sanofi)
  • Sirdupla (Mylan)
  • Biquelle (Aspire)
  • Gatalin  (Aspire)
  • Xaggitin Xl (Ethypharm)
  • Adcal D3 (Kyowa Kirin)
  • Fencino (Ethypharm)
  • Combisal (Aspire)
  • Prostrap (Takeda)

Please see the PCRS policy for Bolton CCG.

Any company wishing to offer a rebate to Bolton CCG for consideration should complete appendix 3 in the policy. Please complete as much as detail as you have and send it to for the team to review the information and consider the rebate.

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