Become a personal assistant in care


Could you be a personal assistant (PA) in care and support disabled people to live a good life?

Hundreds of disabled people across Greater Manchester are searching for employees who can help them to live independently, happily and healthily. They might need support to keep healthy and safe, follow their interests and contribute to their community; or they might need help with daily tasks and personal care.

Joanne, whose son Tom has PAs, said “Tom has a number of physical disabilities but lives a full and happy life with the support of a team of personal assistants in care. They help keep Tom healthy and safe, be part of his community, follow his interests and stay busy. Tom couldn’t be as independent as he is if he didn’t have their support.”

Zoe Porter, personalisation lead at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “The difference personal assistants in care make to the lives of disabled people and their families is huge but it’s not a job many have heard of. We are spreading the word about this unique role so that others can consider it as a career.”

“We need more brilliant people to work with those who need care and support to live a good life. The role is unique, diverse, worthwhile and flexible. Anyone who values being caring and making a difference should consider a new career as a personal assistant in care and find out more.”

If you think this might be a career for you, join the Greater Manchester PA in Care online jobs fair at 1pm on September 29. You can register at Eventbrite.

Visit the Greater Manchester Personal Assistants website to learn more about the role and to find vacancies near you.

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