Countdown to Christmas with Bolton’s first 24-hour vaccination clinic


Get boosted before Christmas – that’s the festive wish of Bolton’s vaccination boss as the town gets ready to vaccinate around the clock!

Dr Helen Wall, the Senior Responsible Officer for the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme in Bolton, is urging anyone who hasn’t yet had their booster to take advantage of the town’s first 24-hour clinic before the family festivities begin.

Cohens Chemist is set to open its doors to a marathon vaccination session, between 6am on Thursday, December 23 and 6am on Friday, December 24.

The clinic will operate from Nautica House, which is located next to Waters Meeting Health Centre, Waters Meeting Road (off Blackburn Road).

Extra sessions have been taking place there this week, but it will be the first time vaccinators have worked around the clock in a bid to ensure residents get their booster jab.

Dr Wall said: “Christmas is always a busy time of year, with lots of last minute jobs to do and I understand that getting a booster is just not at the top of everyone’s list, but the beauty of a 24-hour vaccination clinic is that it is convenient, quick and potentially quieter than other clinics.

“Naturally, a clinic that is open throughout the night is ideal for people working shifts or those who may struggle with childcare or other commitments during the day. But it’s also a great opportunity if you’ve just been to the nearby cinema or drive-through! If you are wary about going out during the day in a bid to avoid crowds, or are doing the Christmas ‘big shop’ late at night, then a 24-hour clinic could be the perfect chance to get your booster before Christmas.

“In addition, now that the 15 minute wait time has been withdrawn, people should be in and out quickly so shouldn’t experience any major disruption to their busy schedules. If anyone asks me should they get their booster before Christmas, my answer would always be yes – get it done as soon as possible.”

Sarah Simpson, Deputy Superintendent Pharmacist for the Cohens Group, said: “We are holding a 24-hour clinic in order to ensure that we maximise the availability of Covid boosters to the local population.

“We recognise that people who work shifts may not always be able to access daytime clinics easily and will find it more convenient to come to a clinic out of normal hours, or that people may want to come to a less crowded space. We are incredibly proud to be part of the Covid vaccination effort and urge anyone who needs their booster to come to the clinic and receive their vaccination from our efficient and friendly staff.

“What’s more – there will be a free mince pie for anyone who attends during the 24-hour session!”

Nationally, the race is on to offer a booster to everyone aged 18 and over before December 31 as the booster offers the best protection against the Omicron variant. Bolton has provided extra clinics to meet demand and has around 69,000 people who are currently eligible for their booster.

Extra clinics are being added all the time, including one at Horwich RMI on Boxing Day, 10am to 3pm.

Check Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group website and social channels for updates.

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