Get on board the vaccination bus

By Dr Niruban Ratnarajah

Our Bolton Covid-19 vaccination bus is causing a real buzz!

You might have seen the bus on TV, social media, in the newspapers or heard about it from friends and people in the community.

Several hundred people have received their potentially life-saving vaccination on the bus, which is initially making stops around the Deane, Daubhill, Derby and Great Lever areas.

We know that many people want to get the Covid-19 jab. Tens of thousands of people in Bolton have already had the vaccine – and others are contacting us keen to know when it will be their turn!

This is great news. The more people who have the vaccine, the sooner we can all get back to normal life. We’ll be protecting ourselves, our family and loved ones, and taking the strain off the NHS.

But we have identified locations where people who are eligible still haven’t had their first dose of the vaccine.

The reasons for this vary. People may be hesitant about getting the vaccine or be worried about side-effects. Others may find it hard to get to vaccination centres, perhaps because of transport issues or childcare responsibilities.

We want to make sure that everyone who wants a vaccination can get one; and taking the vaccination bus into the heart of communities makes this easier.

If you spot the bus, and have not yet had your first dose, come on board if you are 45 and over, have been shielding, have a long-term health condition or are a carer.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria, please come and have a chat – and also talk to us if you are concerned about the vaccination. We can reassure you that the vaccine is safe and will substantially reduce your risk of becoming seriously unwell, or even dying, if you contract Covid.

Remember to get your second dose around 11 weeks after the first in order to have full protection, and continue to wash your hands, wear a face covering where appropriate, keep your distance from others, and let in fresh air.

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