Keep on moving

By Dr Wirin Bhatiani

It really has got cold outside!

In a normal year it can be hard to find the motivation to stay active as the days get shorter and the weather gets worse.

But this is not a normal year; the coronavirus restrictions mean that many of us are already spending more time at home and moving less than usual.

Everyday activities such as attending clubs, exercise classes, appointments, meeting friends and family or volunteering have temporarily changed.

Keeping active during Covid is important for everyone, but particularly for elderly people.

As elderly people become less active, they lose their muscle strength. This in turn affects their balance, mobility and confidence.

They may become increasingly frail and more prone to falls, which can result in serious injury. Being less active can also lead to depression.

The Keeping Well this Winter booklet has been created by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Ageing Hub. It has been written for people who struggle to access online resources, so why not print it out for a friend or relative?

The booklet has tips on how to move more throughout the day – every little bit really does help!

It also has simple exercises to improve strength and balance which can be done seated or standing.

Good nutrition is also important in ensuring that we have the energy to do the things we enjoy. This can be a struggle for elderly people if they have a poor appetite, so there are tips on eating well too.

Other advice includes: what to do if you have a fall, and how to reduce the risks; fire safety; staying warm; avoiding scams and improving mental wellbeing.

There are also useful contact numbers.

No matter how cold it gets this winter we can all do our best to stay well.

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