Let’s clap for all our carers

By Dr Wirin Bhatiani

Times like these often remind us what is truly important, and of the things we truly value as a society.

We’ve rightly paid tribute to our wonderful NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic, but I also want to hail those who work in our care homes and the vital role they are playing.

Care home staff have always looked after the most vulnerable people in society, day in and day out, with skill, dignity, kindness and compassion. And now, more than ever, we really appreciate their commitment.

When we are unable to visit our loved ones due to social distancing restrictions, their work has never seemed more important.

And, like many of our public services, care homes are going through a difficult period as they continue to care for residents, some of whom have coronavirus.

That’s why the CCG is working hard with partners across the health and care system in Bolton, such as public health, the hospital, adult social care services, to ensure that care home staff have the PPE they need to stay safe.

Together, we are in regular contact with Bolton’s care homes: providing training and online support, ensuring they have the latest guidance on testing and infection control; and much more.

I know it’s hard for people not being able to visit their relatives in care homes, especially when the Government is starting to ease the lockdown restrictions. But I urge them to be patient, and continue to work with staff to ensure their safety: we must remain vigilant when it comes to the most vulnerable, and not put them at any risk.

Please use the Thursday clap to celebrate our carers and key workers as well as the NHS – they play a vital role in our society, pandemic or no pandemic.

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