Let’s get moving Bolton!

Now that we’re in March, we can officially look forward to Spring later this month.

It’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of the longer days and reinvigorate any exercise routines that can often become redundant after Christmas!

I’m not talking about running a marathon or swimming the Channel, but I’m sure we would all benefit from moving about a bit more.

Even if you’re living with a disability or a long term health condition, there are tips on the NHS website on how to build activity into your day.

Bolton has lots of activities on offer, including chair-based exercises, and many of them are free of charge or available for a nominal fee.

Most of you will be aware of the famous IronMan UK event that is now synonymous with our town, but it takes months of gruelling training to compete. Something to aspire to maybe?

However, the event has introduced a Night Run which is a 5k fun run for all abilities on the Friday evening before the main attraction.

A good way to increase activity is to take part in your local Park Run, at Leverhulme Park every Saturday morning.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has collaborated with Park Run, and there are a few Park Run Practices in Bolton that will socially prescribe the event for some patients.

For those unable to run, there are less strenuous alternatives out there including health walks which are led by volunteers. These range from a gentle 30 minute’s stroll up to two and half hours of brisk walking.

Bolton Arena offers walking football sessions, primarily aimed at the over 50s and no running or physical tackling is involved.

Have a look at www.getactivebolton.co.uk  for more ideas.

So, there’s no excuse. Let’s get moving!

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