Self-isolating: you are not alone

By Dr Niruban Ratnarajah


Worried about self-isolating? Just remember, you are not alone.

It’s been great to see the number of people getting vaccinated and getting tested to help drive down Covid-19 rates in Bolton.

But self-isolating when required is also crucial in stopping the spread of the virus.

Self-isolating is when you do not leave your house for a period because you have coronavirus symptoms, have tested positive for Covid-19 or you have been in close contact with someone who has the virus.

If you are self-isolating you must not go to work, school or public places or travel anywhere by car or public transport. You cannot have visitors to your home or garden, including friends and family, except people who are providing essential care.

You must not go out for food or medicine; you will need to order it online or by phone, or ask someone to drop it off. Additionally, you can only exercise in your own home or garden.

This can be tough but this Bolton guide will help you through your self-isolation period.

It has information about why and when you need to self-isolate and how long for, and what the people who live with you need to do.

It details the practical, financial, mental health and wellbeing support which is available if you need it.

There are also tips on how to keep yourself occupied. And, because staying at home is easier if you are prepared for it, there’s a handy checklist of things for you to think about.

I fully understand that some people are worried about losing money if they cannot go to work. The good news is that financial help may available in these circumstances: more details are on Bolton Council’s website.

Financial help has also been extended to parents and guardians who are not legally required to self-isolate, but who need to take time off work to look after a child or young person who is self-isolating.

Following the rules is not optional if we are to stop this virus spreading and get our daily lives back to normal.

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