Supporting our communities

By Dr Wirin Bhatiani

Every day brings a fresh set of statistics about the coronavirus pandemic, telling the human cost of the toll it takes.

One telling stat to emerge so far is the way that some groups in our society are more affected than others.

A new report has found that older people are by far more likely to die from the virus than younger people. Men are also twice as likely as women to suffer.

Those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and people with underlying health conditions are harder hit by Covid-19. This is also the case if you live in a deprived area, or work in a frontline profession in the NHS or social care.

As this is a new virus, the reasons for this are yet to be understood: but we must take action now or these negative impacts will become entrenched.

We are committed to helping both our staff and our communities at this time of crisis.

To protect our staff the CCG, in line with other organisations across Greater Manchester with a health and care workforce, has started carrying out individual risk assessments, focusing on those who may be more vulnerable to Covid-19.

And we are working with our partners across the whole health and social care spectrum to enhance our work to protect all vulnerable communities and address these negative impacts.

We are at a critical stage in controlling this outbreak. Non-essential shops have this week been allowed to reopen, with pubs and restaurants due to follow suit soon.

To prevent another surge we need to make sure that everybody understands how to keep themselves and others safe: frequently wash your hands, practise social distancing, wear face masks when appropriate, contact health services when necessary, and engage with NHS Test and Trace service if contacted.

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