The other “Big C”

By Dr Niruban Ratnarajah


It seems like we have heard of nothing but coronavirus for the last two years!

But the other “Big C” – cancer – is still very much out there and has not gone away during the pandemic.

You may have seen in the news that hospitals in Greater Manchester made the difficult decision to pause some non-urgent operations and appointments. This was because of the rising impact of Covid and the high number of staff who were either ill or isolating with the virus.

Please be assured that cancer care and treatment was not affected and non-urgent surgery is starting to resume again now.

It is important that you continue to attend your cancer appointments, unless you are told not to.

Your GP surgery also wants to hear from you if you have any worrying symptoms that won’t go away. This could be a persistent cough, an unexplained lump or bump, tiredness or blood in your pee or poo.

Some people might be worried about “bothering” their GP during the pandemic or don’t want to go into their GP surgery for fear of catching coronavirus.

Others may think that their symptoms are not serious, or simply fear getting bad news.

Whatever the reason, please don’t put it off!

GP surgeries are continuing to work differently during coronavirus, but they are still there for you.

Contact them by phone, or use an online form on their website.

You will be asked some questions; this is not the receptionist being nosey, but to make sure that the most urgent cases are prioritised and to ensure that you see the most appropriate medical professional available.

If you are asked to go into the surgery, measures are in place to keep you safe from Covid.

Your symptoms may not be anything serious; but, if it is cancer, catching it early could make all the difference!

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