Think Summer and stay safe

Some days it might not feel it, but it’s officially Summer!

The kids will get a nice long break from school, you can start planning days out with the family and you might even be lucky enough to go on holiday.

But, this time of year can also be challenging for families as they juggle child care, work responsibilities and keeping their brood safe and well.

We understand that things don’t always go smoothly, and that’s why we have produced a handy Think Summer booklet to support families through the Summer months.

Copies of the useful guide have been delivered to all primary schools, and pupils will take them home before the end of term.

There are also copies in GP practices and libraries throughout the borough.

Inside, you’ll find useful information on things like childhood illnesses, common summer ailments, practical advice on what to do in a heatwave and how to protect yourself against sunburn.

There is guidance on what to do if a child has scarlet fever, slapped cheek syndrome or measles and how you can easily treat some conditions at home, like hayfever, insect bites and upset tummies.

The booklet also has lots of ideas about being more active over the holidays – whatever your age - along with how to keep children safe online.

There’s even a reminder to protect yourself and your family against flu, as vaccinations begin in September.

At the back, there’s a directory of local organisations and groups that might be useful to your family. Plus, a list of pharmacies that are open at evenings and weekends if you require any medical advice out-of-hours.

It’s absolutely jam-packed!

If you can’t get hold of a copy, visit our website

Have a safe and healthy Summer everyone.

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