What makes us ‘outstanding’?

Well it’s been a good week for the CCG, in fact it’s been an ‘outstanding’ week!

You may have read about our recent rating from NHS England in which we received the highest possible ranking as part of their Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF).

Some people may criticise us for ‘blowing our own trumpet’, but I believe it’s important to recognise achievements like this and it’s important that the public know how we are doing.

You’d certainly like to know if we were performing badly!

So what actually makes us an outstanding CCG?

The assessment covers a range of areas including how good our management team and chief officer is, how we are managing our finances, and the health and care services we make available to the public.

We are particularly good at ensuring patients receive the best cancer care in Bolton, whether that be their experience of services or the speed in which they are referred.

We also work very well with our local GPs to deliver a good level of service in the community and provide appointments out of normal hours to suit your busy lifestyles.

We were commended for our strong relationships with partners, and we wouldn’t have achieved such a high rating without their support and willingness to do what’s best for Bolton citizens.

Our ability to work collaboratively with other people extends into the heart of the community and we were praised for how we keep residents informed and involved in what we do.

I’ve mentioned before about our intention to build on this and work with young people, involving them in decision-making, so watch this space!

The assessment covers far more than I can talk about here, so why not have a look on our website for more detail? Visit www.boltonccg.nhs.uk

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