You could be a lifesaver

By Dr Niruban Ratnarajah


People in Bolton could help to save thousands of lives a year with a simple blood test!

They are being invited to take part in a trial of the ground-breaking Galleri test that can spot the early signs of more than 50 cancers before symptoms even begin.

Selected people aged 50-77 who are registered with a Bolton GP are being asked to look out for a letter from the NHS inviting them to volunteer for the trial.

Participants, who must not have had a cancer diagnosis or treatment in the last three years, will be asked to give a blood sample at a mobile unit which is at Sainsbury’s Trinity Street until May 21.

They will then be invited back after 12 months, and again after two years, to give further blood samples.

We know that diagnosing cancer as early as possible makes it much more treatable and improves chances of survival.

Taking part in the trial will help to see if this test can help the NHS to detect cancer early when used alongside existing cancer screening.

The research team wants around 140,000 people from eight regions of England to volunteer. And they want people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities to come forward so that everyone is represented!

If you receive a letter inviting you to volunteer, I’d urge you to do so. This is your chance to be a part of exciting work that has the potential to save lives in Bolton and beyond.

I’d also like to remind people that it’s important to contact your GP practice if you have any new or worrying symptoms that could be a sign of cancer:

Although it's unlikely to be cancer, it's important to speak to a GP so they can investigate. As I said earlier, finding cancer early means that it's easier to treat.

Find of out more about the Galleri trial:


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