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NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is the name given to funding which is provided by the NHS for individuals outside of a hospital setting. Patients who receive CHC funding would be assessed as having substantial/ongoing primary healthcare needs. People can receive NHS Continuing Healthcare in any setting, including their own home or a care home.  All funding would be provided by their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is subject to a healthcare assessment and this funding is to allow the person’s health and social care needs to be supported.

Each CCG makes standard payments for CHC placements. CHC is not permanent funding and as a person’s eligibility can change. All CHC funded care packages are subject to routine review and assessment by CCGs, as per the National Framework.

Guidance on the National framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care

NHS Funded Nursing Care

NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) may be offered when a person does not or no longer meets the CHC criteria but has nursing needs and lives in a nursing home. Nursing care is provided by a registered nurse and can include direct nursing tasks as well as planning, supervision and the monitoring of nursing to meet the person's needs. Where a local Council is part funding a care home placement the person may, depending on their income and savings, have to pay a contribution towards the cost of care or fully fund the care themselves. The CCG would however continue to pay the standard national rate for the nursing care element of a care package. This is also subject to routine review as per the National Framework.

Discharge to Assess/spot purchase

Following a hospital admission an individual may require a period of assessment whilst their future care needs are identified. The CCG will fund this period of assessment in the first instance in a Discharge to Assess care facility (in a designated Intermediate Care facility). Where there is no placement available at the Discharge to Assess care facility, or in cases where exceptionality is demonstrated, the CCG may agree to temporarily spot purchase a bed in a Bolton nursing home. Where a spot purchase bed is agreed this will be in Bolton nursing homes or a package of care funded at an equivalent weekly rate as Bolton nursing homes.

Both these types of funding are offered pending full assessment for CHC eligibility and can be withdrawn without a multi disciplinary team (MDT) or panel decision. Both Discharge to Assess and spot purchase types of funding will not be subject to the same principles as set out in the Choice and Equity Policy and are offered at the discretion of the Funded Care Team management.

Individuals with capacity to make decisions about their residence, care and treatment retain their right to decline any offer made by the commissioner and to make and fund their own private arrangements.

The following leaflets may be useful:

Leaving hospital to go home patient leaflet

Leaving hospital to go to another place of care patient leaflet

Personal Health Budgets

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) could allow you to have more choice and control over the healthcare and support you receive. With a PHB, you decide how the funding for your care is spent (with agreement from CCG healthcare professional) so you can personalise it to your needs.

Who is eligible for a Personal Health Budget?

PHBs are available for individuals whose package of care is fully funded by Bolton CCG through a NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) arrangement. They may be living in their own home or a care home. Further information can be found on our website 

Fast Track NHS Funding

These are packages of care funded by Bolton CCG in urgent circumstances to allow a person’s care to be delivered at home or in a community setting e.g. care home. Fast Track NHS funding also supports discharge from hospital for patients who have been identified as reaching the end of their life and who wish to die at home surrounded by their loved ones.

You can get further information about NHS Continuing Healthcare from NHS Bolton CCG’s Funded Care Team which can be contacted by:

Telephone: 01204 462291

Email: bolccg.adminchc@nhs.net

In writing: NHS Funded Care Team, NHS Bolton CCG, 3rd Floor, Lever Chambers, 27 Ashburner Street, Bolton, BL1 1SQ.

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  • Transparent Process Statement

  • Personal Health Budgets (including Direct Payments) – Policy and Guidance

  • Bolton Choice and Equity Policy


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